I always feel it is an honour to be asked to paint or draw someone's cherished animal and I am lucky enough to have completed many commissions, both in coloured and monochromatic oils as well as charcoal and pencil drawings.  Subjects covered have included most aspects of equestrianism as well as dog portraits.  I prefer to work from my own photographs and drawings taken in situ as it's good to get a feel for the subjects, although it is also possible to work from someone else's photos.  In paintings, I like to paint in context so everything in the composition is treated with equal importance which includes the background as it is part of the whole.  With drawings I feel a background is not generally necessary.

I like to keep my clients informed of the progress throughout the process, regularly sending them images of the different stages of work on a commission and welcoming feedback.  It is important that the client gets exactly what they want, the true likeness and feel of a scene is instrumental to how I work.  All nuances are crucial on getting it just right:  for example, how a rider might sit on a horse or how a horse might hold it's head or the expression of a dog and how the grass feels.

Payment for commissions is in 4 equal payments over the period of the commission.  The initial 25% deposit is paid on booking and before I take any photographs.  The 2nd instalment is paid once I have started the commission, the 3rd instalment is paid nearing completion and the 4th on completion and before delivery.

To discuss a commission or for a quotation do please get in touch.

Thank you.